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Statement of Theological Commitments

What we believe is important. Beliefs determine how we live today and where we will live in eternity. While every biblical doctrine is important, Agros establishes fellowship around the truths that are most clearly vital to the advance of Jesus Christ's gospel. We aim to labor joyfully with all who are truly fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ (Mark 9:38-41; Phil. 1:15-18). All of the leaders and associates of Agros must work in accordance with and for the promotion of the truths in our Statement of Theological Commitments.

Clicking the button below will download our Statement of Theological Commitments, signed by the Agros board of directors.

Statement of Theological Distinctives

God's Word is eternally true. Being faithful to his Word means that we want all of his truth to shine at all times in all places​. Being faithful to our time and place means that we want particularly significant truths to be highlighted. These may be truths that we fear churches are neglecting or compromising. They may be truths that Satan and the world are openly attacking in our society. Some of them are truths that not all Christians agree upon, but are worth honestly disclosing when working together. While faithfulness to the context of Scripture may not make these doctrines primary, we believe faithfulness to our context of the 21st century rural Midwest does. They are truths that are highlighted by the challenges and temptations of small-town ministry. We believe that emphasizing this Statement of Theological Distinctives will serve churches in our region by driving all of us toward greater faithfulness to God's Word.  

This ministry is still developing, and so our board of directors has not yet approved a Statement of Theological Distinctives. We aim to have this published soon. When finished, it will be linked to the button below.

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